Other PADI Instructor courses available at Bali Scuba

Assistant Instructor (AI)

Perhaps you are already a Divemaster but don’t have the time to take the full IDC? Instead you can take the 5-day PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) course. The AI course is the first part of the IDC and costs US$725 if taken during the first 5 days of the IDC or $825 if taken outside IDC dates. You can take the OWSI (see below) to become a full PADI Instructor whenever you have the time. Prices exclude PADI materials and PADI fees (contact us for current prices).

Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)

Already a PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) or an Instructor from a different agency? Then you just need to take the 7-day PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) course. The OWSI course is the second part of the IDC and costs US$975. You’ll need to add two days for the mock IE (a dry-run of the actual Instructor Exam you’ll be taking), plus a day for EFR Instructor course and a few other bits and pieces, and two days for the Instructor Exam (IE) itself. This means you’ll need to be here for the final 10 days of our IDC plus the 2 days of the Instructor Exam. You can check the dates here. The good news is that if you take the EFR Instructor course together with your OWSI course you’ll only pay $200 for the EFR Instructor course instead of the usual $300 if taken stand-alone.Prices exclude PADI materials and PADI fees (contact us for current prices).

Emergency Fist Response Instructor (EFRI)

It’s a PADI requirement that all PADI Instructors must also be Emergency Fist Response Instructors. That’s why we include the Emergency Fist Response Instructor (EFRI) course in our $1600 IDC package. If you want to take the EFRI course stand-alone (not during your IDC) it takes 2 days and costs $300. If you take the EFRI course with Knut (one of EFR Instructor-trainers) you’ll get the most comprehensive EFR Instructor course available in Indonesia because Knut is a trained nurse with years of hands-on experience behind him. He’s preformed life-saving procedures multiple times in real life situations. You will leave Bali with real skills you can use in an emergency, as well as the background knowledge you need to confidently pass these skills to your own EFR students.Price excludes PADI materials and PADI fees (contact us for current prices).

To join this EFR Instructor course you’ll first need to have taken a PADI EFR course (or equivalent CPR and First Aid Training course from a different agency) within the previous two years. If you’ve never taken any course you can take an EFR course here at Bali Scuba before you start your EFR Instructor course for additional $179 – 10% discount = $161. If you have already taken EFR but longer than two years ago you can take EFR refresher for $149 – 10% discount = $134. If you take the EFR refresher course you’ll need to bring the manual from your original PADI EFR course.

Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

When you’ve finished your IDC you’ll want to wind down with the Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) course. The MSDT course starts the day after the IE (Instructor Exam) and will give you 5 Instructor Specialty courses. It takes 4 days and costs $500 if you took your IDC with Bali Scuba or $750 if you join the course after taking your IDC aelsewhere.It’s a great way to improve your earning potential because you’ll be able to teach those 5 Specialty courses to your students.That’s why we include the most popular specialty courses such as Wreck, Night and Deep. It also makes you much more employable by potential employees: the MSDT qualification will look great on your diving Instructor CV! Price excludes PADI fees (contact us for current prices).

Liberty Shipwreck at Tulamben in East Bali

The WW2 shipwreck you’ll dive during your MSDT course at Bali Scuba

To become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer you need to take the MSDT course AND certify 25 students. One option to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer is to take the MSDT course here and then send in your application to PADI after you have certified 25 students anywhere in the world. Another option is to take the MSDT course here and then immediately join our Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) internship program. During this MSDT internship program you’ll team-teach with our Instructors until you have the 25 certifications you need to become an MSDT Instructor. It’s a great way for a new Instructors to build up confidence working together with our experienced team of PADI Instructors. This MSDT internship program costs $750 and takes approximately 4-6 weeks (it depends how many students we have at that time). It’s such a popular program that it’s only open to Instructors who take their IDC here at Bali Scuba.
Staff Instructor (SI)

Already an MSDT Instructor? The next step is the Staff Instructor (SI) course which will allow you to assist a Course Director teaching IDCs. You’ll also be able to independently conduct PADI Assistant Instructor courses. There are two ways to become a PADI Staff Instructor at Bali Scuba;

Staff Instructor Option A US$850: Take a 2-day course and then stay and join the IDC immediately following the course.

Staff Instructor Option B US$700: Take a 4-day course with no need to stay for the IDC.

Prices exclude PADI materials and PADI fees (contact us for current prices).

Staff Instructors discussing the their students’ scores in Bali Scuba pool

Staff Instructors discussing the their students’ scores in Bali Scuba pool

After you have taken the SI course (Option A or B) and are already a Staff Instructor you will need staffing credits if you plan to follow your dream of becoming a PADI Course Director. If you want to staff an IDC here at Bali Scuba we charge $500 (but it’s free-of-charge if you refer an IDC candidate to Bali Scuba).

Whichever PADI Instructor course you’re thinking of taking just drop us a message using the contact form and our team will answer any questions you need to get you here to Bali.